Monday, May 14, 2007

Water Activity

Date : Feb 2007

Monday, May 07, 2007

CNY 2007

CNY at Grand Pak Leong House
Date : First day of CNY 2007
Zoey & the gang......
Date : First day of CNY 2007
Zoey with grandparents & Uncle Eric
Date : Second day of CNY 2007
Zoey with great grandmom & grandmom
Date : Third day of CNY 2007

The Wong's Siblings

Date : Feb 2007

Development - 1 & half year old

Zoey is back !!!
Zoey is growing up fast these days, walking, talking a little, and even using a spoon or fork when she eats. She hasn't gotten a handle on is adult table manners. And that's okay, for mummy. It's too early for her to understand or manage neatness. Eating is a learning experience, and at this age learning tends to be messy. So mummy will spread a splash mat under her highchair and set her free; let her learn to use a spoon at her own pace, check out the texture of soup, rice and find out what peas do when thrown.
Every game she plays, whether it's pointing to different body parts when mummy asked her to or putting objects into containers and taking them out again, teaches her about the world around her. One of the things she's learning is that she's an autonomous entity, not just an extension of us.

My little girl understand of the world is growing rapidly. For instance, she no longer thinks pencils are something to eat. She can now grab them and create glorious scribble pictures for mummy.
She gets simple games, and can sit while away long moments playing peekaboo. She like playing peeaboo with her daddy and she will laugh and laugh each time daddy boo boo her. She also able to name the body part - eye, ear, nose, head, hair, hand, leg, tummy, teeth, tougue and face.

At this age she have master few of the vocabulary. These are what mummy can remember at this momment....but Zoey is giving mummy a suprise everday, by saying some new word everyday :-

Apple / Throw / Jump / Cheese / Ice Cream / Open / Close / Stop / Go / Slide / Swim / Yes / Chick Chick - Chicken / Aabit - Rabbit / Meow Meow - Cat / MumMum - Eat / Moo Moo - Cow / Pig / Bear / Horse / Up / Down / Book / Bread / Boat / Scoop / Hold / Poh - Carry / Corn / Milk / Chuk Chuk - Porriage / Bena - Ribena / Swing / Pilo - Pillow / Hot / Cold /

Some of her favourite characters and she able to say out the name :-

Nini - Barney / Jayjay - BJ / Bobbob - Babybob
Bob - Spongebob / Momo - Elmo

When she hear her favourite songs, she will sing along :-

Babaa...babaa - Baa baa Black Sheep
Star Star - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Although she still understanding less than half of what mummy says, she's getting a handle on most of the words we use around her. She's also having a vocabulary spurt and putting together pairs of words, like "Meow Meow Jump" , "Meow Meow Mummum Fish" , "Fish Mummum Bread" or "Hold Ice"

She's becoming much easier to understand now that she often combines pointing with a word or two. And her growing independence is asserting itself in numerous ways: She can undress herself and dressing herself - wearing socks or shoe and feeding her dolly. She can sort things by color, shape, and type, which makes toys that encourage sorting particularly popular now.

Mummy observed a spurt in physical development. Zoey now is surer on her feet, loves to climb all over your furniture, she able to run, though not as smoothly as she'll be able to later.
Now she may also go up stairs by herself, but she'll need help on the way down. Zoey able to kick a ball, too. She can also hold in her mind a clear memory of an object well after you remove it from her vision. Daddy is taking advantage of this new capability by playing hide-and-seek with her favorite toy.

There are some days when all that physical energy is more than mummy can handle. (Sigh).....

After all, mummy can't do anything to change it — flip on her favourite Barney music clip, grab this little one, and sing along with her and dance a few steps together.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Princess Turn 1

Today 23rd September 2006, is my girl birthday !!!
I can't believe I lived through this year. I can't believe we made it. There were so many times I looked at her and knew that I couldn't go on. But, now I was really happy that I made through and I am glad that I have this little girl.

Now, the sky is bluer with my Zoey to see it with. Food tastes yummier, jokes
are funnier, Hubby face is more handsome. And I'm so in love with the person we made, the one who's already rushing away from being my little baby at light speed.

This is a brief diary on her big day ! At about 8:00am, Zoey knock knock our room door and then here comes the little princess, walking confidently with her pajamas suite. Of course Pohpoh is holding her arm on the other side. Then, mummy, daddy, kung kung and poh poh wishes her happy birthday. Both of us give her a big kiss on her cheek.

Later, we turned on the birthday song and sing along with her. She is so happy and dance infront of us. Mummy and daddy bought her a gold pandant neckless. The pandant is inside the box and we gave it to her, she seems like it very much as she can shake the box - just like a rattle.

Poh poh bought her a leg chain with 2 bells and put it on her right leg. She is so excited and keep on shaking her leg, so she can hear the bell ring. Then, we bath her and dress in pink dress and her new shoe. Everthing is new for this birthday girl.

Actually, mummy planned to bring her either to zoo or aquaria in KLCC, but due to the distance, we decided to walk around 1U. We visited the pet shop. Zoey like it very much. Here she managed to see all type of rabbits, hamsters, dogs, cats, birds, fishes and etc. Mummy gave her the freedom to walk around the area and letting her to explore. She like hamsters very much, she talk to them and smile to them. Mummy looked at her and amaze how she develop her skill - from a white paper to a pefect drawing now.

Kung kung bought a cone of ice cream for her, she enjoying it and keep on saying "mum mum". Mummy gave her some bread and letting her to try some dessert - jelly peach with blended ice... MMmmmm...yummy

Zoey is exhausted as she walk alot today. On the way back, we bought her a chocolate moose birthday cake with strawberry on top.

We had a great dinner at King Crab (again). This time, we had a big feast, we invited some of the relatives to join us. Although, Zoey would not able to taste all the food but mummy wanted her to join the crowd by giving her some rice.

Later at home, we sang happy birthday song again, and get her to blow off the candle. As today is her birthday, she had the approval to eat anything......birthday cake, yummy yummy.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Beloved Poh Poh's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Poh Poh !!!

On Sunday night we celebrated poh poh birthday, as daddy would not be around on the actual day. We had our dinner at one of the famous seafood restaurant in PJ - King Crab Restaurant. The reason of choosing this restaurant is because poh poh like the food here as all their seafood are fresh and they also display their live fishes, lobster and other live seafoods in their aquarium. Zoey like to watch fishes and lobsters.

After having our dinner at about 8:00pm, we went back home as this month is still the 7th month of the chinese calender - hungry ghost festival month.

On the actual day - 5th of September, mummy took half day leave and bring poh poh, kung kung and Zoey to Mid Valley for lunch. Daddy not around as he was outstation. We had our lunch in one of the japanese restaurant here. We looked at the menu and decided to have 3 diffrent type of bento sets, so we can try different kind of food. We waited for more than 1/2 hour..... everyone seems hungry now, finally food is served. Poh poh and kung kung love it and enjoyed the food very much.

We also get Zoey to join us and letting her to try the tofu and the japanese rice. Zoey like it, and keep on saying "mum mum". Mummy noticed she like the taste of japanese food as she sitting quitely on her baby chair and waiting for mummy to give her more. As for dessert, mummy gave her watermelon. She love is so much and refuse to let go....yummy ! yummy !

Then, mummy carried her and show her the fishes in the aquarium.

Later, we walk around Mid Valley and kung kung bought some cakes from Secret Receipt for tonight celebration. We went back around 4:30pm and take a rest.

Then, we had a simple dinner at the nearby restaurant and came back home for the blowing candle ceremony. Kung kung light up the candle and poh poh carried Zoey with her, and blowed off the candle together. Then, mummy cut the cake banana chocolate cake and bluberry cake and gave her to try. She love it !!!

This is how we celebrated poh poh birthday this year.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Development - 11th Month

My 11 month old is starting to be very attached to her pohpoh. I know this can be a good feeling, but there will come a time when pohpoh need a break and it won't be possible because she is so attached to her.

Mummy agreed that spending few hours a day playing with Zoey is totally unacceptable. it is hard but this is the life of a working mom. Pohpoh is her primary care giver and have been there since she is born, of course Zoey is bonding with pohpoh, and mummy is more than happy because pohpoh is babysitting her and she is close to her grandparents and not someone else.

Physical Development
This 11-month-old is also becoming more adept at using her hands. At this age she enjoy "putting things in" and "taking them out" — for instance :-

Toys : Block

Placing objects such as blocks into larger containers and then dumping them out. She will also gleefully knocking down the block towers which mummy build.

Brushing her hair

When mummy hand over the comb to her, she will grab it and brudh her hair. She will also grasp the hairclip from mummy and try to clip it at her hair.

Powder Puff

When she managed to grab the powder puff, she will immediately puff on her stomach, her face and her arm.


She know how to play peekaboo. When mummy said peekaboo, Zoey will repond by putting her both hand on her face and open up and smile back to us.

Eating Habit

Any bite-size food that baby Zoey can pick up and eat himself qualifies as a finger food. Finger foods are fun for Zoey to play with and an important first step toward independence. But mummy noticed that finger food can get messy easily, usually mummy will let her finish up all her food before cleaning up the floor.

She like to hold her biscuit and bite slowly, she can finish up one piece of discuit in one meal. She also know how to eat fruit by herself. This is to let her enjoying this important learning experience that helps develop fine motor skills.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Development - 10th Month

Baby, in fact, have a natural inclination to climb that may take me by surprise. It is all started by standing and walking at our bed. She likes to stand at the bed front and pick up the remote control. Now, she able to climb up the bed front and hangging there for awhile. Though mummy may be worried that Zoey will hurt herself, but mummy letting her to explore and offering her safe places to climb - on the bed, to practice balancing and climbing are a good way to channel this energy and encourage her physical development.
More Mobility
By this time, she is 10 months old, baby Zoey able to crawl very well on his hands and knees, with her trunk parallel to the floor. She master her skill now and able to crawl the whole house.
At this age, Zoey can also sit confidently and may even walk while holding onto furniture, and letting go momentarily and standing without support. She managed to take few steps somtimes without holding onto any furniture and attempt to scoop up a toy while she is standing, too. Those magical first steps toward independence, given more exercise for mummy.
Gettting Interactive
Zoey is getting more interactive now, at the age of 10 months, she able to master her memorries by showing us that she able to communicate, understand and follow simple instruction.
Y Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Mummy : What is twinkle twinkle little star ?
Zoey : (She open & close her finger - few times)
Y Blowing candle
Mummy : How to blow a candle ?
Zoey : (She will puff & puff)
Mummy have to wipe her mouth after that, as some saliver came out during her puff puff.
Y Answering Phone
Mummy : Zoey, how to say hello ?
Zoey : (She will lift up her hand and place it at her ear)
Y Calling Kung Kung
Mummy : Zoey, pls call kung kung ?
Zoey : (Ah, Ah...)
This repond will only apply to her kung kung.
Y Aeroplane
Mummy : Can you show mummy, how aeroplane
Zoey : Spread her arm, one of her hand holding her pacifier (as a aeroplane) and swing her arm)
Imitates Others
This 10 month olds baby is listening closely to what we say, what we do, how we say it or how we do certain things, she able to imitate what she sees other people doing.
Y Sneeze
When mummy sneezed, she will imitate and bubble out the sound.
Y Cough
When daddy or kung kung is coughing, she will do the same.
Y Dance
When she saw Barney & Friends dancing, Zoey will lift up her hand and move her body to the left and right.
Y Singing
When she hear her favourite music is playing - twinkle twinkle little star or baa baa black sheep - she will hum and hum.
Indicates Want With Gesture
Mummy noticed that Zoey is capable of assigning different gestures to dozens of words. She will shows us what she want by climbing out from her play pen if she get bored. Spread her arm and bubble to us when she needs us to carry her. She will grasp the bread and put into her mouth if she want to eat. When she saw mummy drinking, she will pat mummy arm and point at the drink.
Whether it's that first smile, wave, "mama," or tottering steps, there is nothing more exciting than watching baby Zoey grow. Each day, mummy is watching and listening into what is happening in Zoey's life today and mummy is looking forward to exciting future developments in baby Zoey.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Development - 9th Month


This month, baby Zoey have a very strong memory power. She started to remember more specific information, such as where her toys are in her house, where mummy keep her boat and etc....When mummy hide her ball, she know exactly where mummy put it. She'll also be able to imitate actions she's seen as long as a week before. These skills indicate that she has recall memory — the ability to remember some details of a specific experience for a short time — though she still doesn't remember most of her experiences.
Playing & Learning

Zoey likes toys with moving parts. Rubber ball that can roll around on the floor are fun playthings, too. She will grab it firmly, when mummy ask for it, she will answer by shaking her head "No No". Mummy also tested her behavior by giving her a cherry, and asking back from her, she shake her head twice. Then, daddy tried, Zoey gave the same answer by shaking her head too. When she is full, she will also respond by shaking her head when mummy ask her to drink milk. Mummy and daddy puzzled where she learned it.

If we take a toy away from her, baby Zoey will scream for help. Now, we need to give her something new before taking the other object away. It is a nice time to play with Zoey at this age, as she will responded immediately. During free time, mummy will play the rolling the ball game with her and she will roll back the ball to mummy instantly. Or when daddy hide her toy, under his hand (grab it) she will open up daddy hand to see if the toy is beneath it. We also play the boucing ball game, and show her the action, Zoey able to do the same. It is all about fun and be her best playmate ......
Clapping hand
By 9th months, baby Zoey have the fine motor skills, muscle control, and hand-eye coordination necessary to bring her palms together. She start clapping to show she is happy or excited. Sometimes, she will clap her hand when she watch Barney and Disney channel. She also clap her hand when we ask her to clap. This is one of her way to communicate with us.
Water sport
At the first week of 9th month, it is a best time to let Zoey explore and play with water.
Kung kung bought a water pool for her, then we filled up the pool with water and placed 2 of her favourite toys - the plastic ball and her rubber duck. We let Zoey sit on the pool. She get excited and splashed the water all over the pool. She also grab the duck and bang it into the water. It is fun to see her play and getting active........
Mummy also bought a "Hello Kitty" floating boat for her. Whenever mummy show her the new boat, she will respond by smile back to mummy. At the first week of July, this is the first time, Zoey experienced the new enviroment - swimming pool. Firstly, daddy get into the baby pool and then we let Zoey to sit into her floating boat. She like it as she uses her hand to touch the water and also uses her leg to kicked the water. Daddy also cruised her around the pool. She enjoyed it very much.

This month is about playing and getting active !

Time to start setting limits

Baby Zoey now understands simple instructions, though she may purposely choose to ignore daddy when daddy say "no." (Sometimes, to help the word carry a little more weight, daddy use it sparingly, for setting important limits.) But even though Zoey may not always remember tomorrow what daddy have said today, but daddy feel it's not too soon to set certain boundaries and start teaching her some important distinctions, like right from wrong and safe from unsafe. Daddy're not being mean, but sometimes is for her healthy purposes, daddy do not like to see her bitting her finger, so if she bite or put the rubber ball into her mouth, we will move her hand, and look her in the eye, and say, "No, bite bite, its dirty." She will stop but after awhile her desire to explore is stronger than her desire to listen to our warnings, so we will repeat again. What seems to be defiance isn't; it's just her natural curiosity to see how the world works.

My baby is jealous....

PoPo told me that baby Zoey have developed jealousy in her character but mummy feel that it is too early for a nine month old baby too have this behavior.

In my experience, when I brought baby Zoey and PoPo for breakfast, and PoPo trying to carry her friend granddaughter. Zoey innocently looked at PoPo with her big eyes and pointed to the little girl and shouted and screamed at PoPo, as that time PoPo is trying to carry her friend granddaughter. She do not allowed PoPo to carry the little girl. However, PoPo trying to tease her by carrying the girl, eventually baby Zoey cry out. Mummy got a good laugh out of this as baby Zoey prentending to cry with no tear. Later, we tested with other baby and true enough Zoey is jealous and do not want her PoPo to carry other baby.


Baby Zoey can follow simple instructions now, when we say "kiss kiss", she able to understand what we're saying and immediately she will lay her head forward for us to kiss her.

Talking up a storm

Words and word-like sounds are now spilling out of baby Zoey, and she's able to use them meaningfully. As the frontal lobes of his brain continue to develop, so does her ability to reason and speak. Encourage her interest in language and her understanding of two-way communication by being an avid listener and responding to her sounds.

At this age, Zoey can imitate word sounds and inflections, as well as actions. She able to follow simple one-step directions, such as "Ta Ta to mummy" - she will lift up her hand and wave or "Pick up the pacifier." - she will pick it up from her coat. This to help her to learn by separating multi-step commands into easy-to-follow steps.

In addition to "Mama" and "Dada," Zoey is able to babble short, fully inflected sentences that sound like a foreign language. When we ask her to call out "Daddy", sometimes she say "DaDi". Kung Kung and PoPo, keep talking to Zoey everyday, naming and labeling objects and people — mummy noticed that Zoey's vocabulary is growing pretty fast. Now, she able to respond to simple questions — for example, "Where is the papaya?" or "Where is your book"— by pointing to the named object.